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Personal Loans

At Fidelity Bank, we understand how important credit is to you personally. Whether you need money for a dream vacation, home improvement, vehicle purchase, or a financial emergency, our experienced loan representatives can assist you in securing the money you need quickly. Give us the opportunity to say yes. Please call us at (870) 735-8700 to speak with a consumer loan representative 

Easy-Matic Loan Payments 
If you desire, we will pay your installment loan automatically by transferring the monthly payment directly from your checking account. The payment will appear on your monthly checking statement. 
An automobile loan from Fidelity Bank can make the car you choose affordable. New and used auto financing is available with flexible installment schedules. For additional information, speak with a Fidelity Bank loan representative today by calling (870) 735-8700.
 Personal installment loans are ideal for vacations, school expenses, home improvements, and even boats. This type of loan can also include unsecured loans, certificate of deposits/savings loans, and personal lines of credit. We can help you set up an installment loan that is designed to fit your budget. Call to speak with a Fidelity Bank Representative today at (870) 735-8700 or visit one of our many offices. 
Looking to purchase a new home? Our friendly, personalized loan staff can help you finance a new home or refinance your existing home. Give us a call at (870)735-8700 for more information regarding our mortgage services. 
Use the equity in your home to pay for debt consolidation, vacations, home improvements, or unplanned expenses. A home equity loan from Fidelity Bank can help you put the equity in your home to work. Let one of our loan representatives assist you in getting a home equity loan today. Call us at (870) 735-8700 or visit one of our many Fidelity Bank branches.
Are you planning on remodeling your home or would you like to build a new home? Let Fidelity Bank help you with a construction loan that is just right for you. For more information about our Construction Loans, contact us at (870)735-8700.

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