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Savings / MMA

Regular Savings

  • $100 minimum to open - $25 for a minor.
  • $10 fee per statement cycle if the daily balance falls below $100.
  • Make 3 free withdrawals per quarter at no charge; $2 for each additional withdrawal.
  • Interest is earned on your collected balance and paid quarterly.
  • Maintenance or fees may reduce earnings.

Christmas Club Savings

  • $25 minimum to open.
  • Checks to be mailed prior to November 10th for the balance in the account.
  • Earn interest; paid annually after November 1st.
  • $25 fee for early closeout (prior to November 1st).
  • Maintenance or fees may reduce earnings.

Money Market Savings

  • $2,500 minimum to open.
  • Earn interest on the $2,500 minimum balance required.
  • Interest is subject to change at our discretion.
  • Six transfers, including telephone transfers, are permitted per statement cycle. $20 will be charged for additional transfer attempts.
  • Available to individuals and businesses.
  • Maintenance or fees may reduce earnings.

APY - Annual Percentage Yield *APY
*as of 7/31/2020
Interest Rate
Money Market Investor
($2,500 Minimum)
.25 .25
All in One Super Account
($2,500 Minimum)
.20 .20
All In One Account &
Good Life Club Savings
($1,000 Minimum)
.15 .15
Regular Savings .20 .20

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business loans

We carefully design a loan program for your business needs.